What does scharf mean?

In English ‘sharp’ is used fairly regularly to mean ‘clever,’ at least in the positive sense (quick-witted, keen, intelligent, etc.). Is it not the same with the German ‘scharf’?

(originally asked by Trevor, thanks a lot)

One comment on “What does scharf mean?

  1. Scharf can mean sharp, hot as in spicy and, if used for a person, hot as in physically attractive… “Die Frau ist echt scharf” – “The woman is really hot”…
    Oh and scharf can mean horny or eager.
    “Ich bin voll scharf.” “I am sexually aroused.”
    “Ich bin scharf auf den neuen Mercedes.” – “I SO want to have the new Mercedes”

    But “scharf” is not at all witty.
    However, someone can have a “scharfen Verstand” which means, that someone picks up stuff quickly, is a quick thinker… so it is Verstand as in “intellect” and so so much as “conscience” or “reason” which are other possible meanings of Verstand.
    Hope that helped :)

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