I want you to, I need you to

How do you say “I want you to know that…” in proper idiomatic German?
(and ‘I need you to…’)


(originally asked by Manni)

One comment on “I want you to, I need you to

  1. A short answer:

    “I want you to know”… would literally be
    “Ich will, dass du weißt…”

    However, in most of the time Germans would use a different phrasing, a less direct one maybe…:

    “you should know”:
    “Du solltest wissen….”

    A variation of that is:

    “Du musst wissen….” (you must know)

    and another variation is:

    “Es ist wichtig, dass du weißt,….”

    So… What they all have in common is that you don’t say who wants it. IDoes it make it less urgent or strong? I don’t think so. If you say:

    “Ich will, dass du weißt….”

    I could just answer “I don’t care, what you want.”
    If you say “You must know/you shouldknow/it is important for you to know…” you can’t discard it that easily as you don’t really know the consequences.

    As far as “I need you to know…” is concerned, either one of the above works. There is NO literal translation though.

    “Ich brauche dich zu wissen… ”

    is absolute nonsense in German and people would be REALLY confused

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