One comment on “stimmt vs. genau

  1. There is in fact a difference between them. Both are affirmative but what they affirm is different.
    “Genau” is mostly used when someone says something that you have claimed or explained before. So you say something, the other person rephrases it in his or her own words or draws a conclusion that you intened to convey and then you would say “Genau.” Example:

    “Morgen abend muss ich meine Präsentation vorbereiten.”
    “Das heißt, du hast keine Zeit,richtig?”

    “Tomorrow night, I have to prepare my presentation.”
    “So you won’t have time.”

    Now, “stimmt” is mostly used to affirm things that you HAVEN’T claimed before. You didn’t necessarily oppose them, though. SO someone makes a legit point about something that would be the perfect time for “stimmt”

    “Wenn wir um 8 losfahren, dann sind wir frühestens um 10 da.”
    “Hmmm, stimmt.

    “If we leave at 8, we’ll be there at 10 the earliest”
    “Hmm that’s true.”

    And then there is also the combination of the 2… “stimmt genau”. That is can be used like genau, or if you count money and it is correct on the cent.

    “18,19,20,21… stimmt genau.”

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