One comment on “Sentence with “lieber”

  1. That depends…

    “Would you rather drink something”

    this is the literal translation but this doesn’t make sense very often… maybe if someone offers you a snack and you turn it down and then they offer sth to drink instead.

    The more likely meaning is in context of making plans for a date or night out. There, the sentence expresses the rather idea of going to a bar and have a few drinks there as opposed to watching a movie or dancing.
    Usually this version is accompanied by a “nur” or “einfach” to underline the simplicity of “was trinken”.

    • “Hmmm what could we do”
    • “We could just go have a few drinks.”

    • “Hmmm, Was könnten wir machen?”
      “Wollen wir einfach was trinken (gehen)?”

    So… these are the 2 readings that I can think of but no garantuee :)

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