2 comments on “hinweisen vs verweisen

  1. So “weisen” by itself is something like “to show” or “to point at”. But it is a more guiding way of doing it and in certain context it might sound a little dated.

    Now, “hinweisen” is not dated and it basically means that you bring something to someones attention… mostly information but theoretically everything would be fine:

    • Ich weise dich darauf hin, dass man hier nicht rauchen darf.
    • Ich weise dich auf den Tiger hin, der hinter dir steht.

    A possible translation would be maybe inform but hinweisen has a subtext that the listener kind of already knew that or should know that info (not very strong subtext though).
    The difference between weisen and hinweisen is that weisen is maybe a full scale physical thing

    • Ich weise dich zur Tür.

    After that you will be at the door, not just know where to find it :)

    • Ich weise dich daruaf hin, wo die Tür ist.

    Well now you know where it is, and you maybe feel like you should head there, maybe not though, depends on the tone.

    Now, verweisen has the prefix ver which I often think of as “for good/for real”. The best translation is maybe to refer… in sense of “If you want to know more, or see prove for my claim, go look there”

    • Ich verweise auf Einstein.

    What’s important is that “verweisen” has the notion of “go away” to it. So whatever it is that you are “verweisen” for (a source, a quote, an application office), you will NOT find it here, so go/look THERE.
    Having this in mind it makes more sense that “verweisen” can also mean “to expel”

    • Thomas wird der Schule verwiesen. (Thomas is being expelled from school.)

    “Verweisen” is a little less drastic though in that it can mean that Thomas just had to leave for a day.

    Another way to clear it up is looking at the nouns.

    Der “Verweis” can mean link/reference and reprimand
    Der “Hinweis” is tip, clue, hint, lead,…

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks really :))

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