You made me do stuff in German

Sorry I just had one more question about dropping things… would one use the construction (for example)

  • “mir ist die Brille runtergefallen” or
  • “ich hab meine Brille fallen lassen”?

And could please tell me how I would say

  • “you made me drop my pencil”?

I thought of

  • “Du hast mich dazu gebracht…”

but I can’t think of how to work in either of the previous constructions.

(asked by Andrew)

One comment on “You made me do stuff in German

  1. So as for the first part… both versions are perfect and equally idiomatic. I really can’t tell a difference.
    As for “you made me”… the literal translation would indeed be as you suggested, here in combination with dropping the glasses :)

    – “Du hast mich dazu gebracht, die Brille fallen zu lassen.”

    However, this is not idiomatic.People would use this if they have been manipulated into doing something on a bigger scale… like… sell your car for little money or something. For the glasses example, “because of you” is what is best:

    – “Wegen dir habe ich die Brille fallen lassen.”
    -“Wegen dir ist mir die Brille runtergefallen.”

    or with the order reversed (sounds a little childish though):

    – “Na toll, jetzt ist mir die Brille runtergefallen. Wegen DIR!”

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