this is a site where you can ask and answer questions about German. As of now, I am copying all the great questions people have asked on my blog (www.german-is-easy.com) so they won’t get lost in the comment trail there. If you want to ask a question yourself here, just post a comment somewhere for now… I’ll change that system later on but for now, there isn’t THAT much going on here :). And if you want to answer… guess what… just post a comment.
Anyway… there is no need to follow this blog or at least turn of mail notifications so I don’t have to feel guilty if I am posting 3 times a day.

4 comments on “About

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Emanuel

    I notice that you often write “of” when you mean to write “off”. e.g. “….or at east turn OF mail notifications…” Is there a sneaky reason for this?

    • No :)… I simply have problems right there… I mean… I kind of know the rules but sometimes I just don’t pay enough attention. .. and sometimes I am really at a loss

      • Bob says:

        “I just don’t pay attention”!!! Where have I heard that before? My own schooldays perhaps? A propos nothing in particular, it dawned on me this morning just how important those “little bits” in a language can be – one extra or less phoneme for example can conjour strange imagery in a listener’s mind. Take the english words “some” and “where”, put them together and you have “somewhere” conjouring an image of position in space. Interpose a grunted “er” – “some er where”- and you have “summerwear” which, when voiced conjours up images of the beach, bikinis and whatnot. This really reinforce the importance of “rhythm” in the spoken language to which you referred in one of your excellent articles. Keep up the good work, Emanuel. Your approach is so refreshing. BTW when can we expect: Past Tense 3?

      • Oh gosh, yeah… it’s been a while since part 2… I’ll have to put my mind to it, I guess :D

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